Legumes: the magical fruit

Today’s CRAP goes out to all the women in our lives. Last night we were out with friends and my wife leaned over to me and asked if she was pronouncing “legumes” properly…which she was. But it was the way she said it, “Leguuumes.” Hearing it that way, whispered softly in my ear…such a magical word.  

Soon after, I was greeted with my second sensual surprise of the evening; if I would wash my hands and brush my teeth when we got home, it would be socks-only in the bedroom. Oh JEZUS!

I’m a simple man.

In other news, this also goes out to Blair Bear’s wife, Zins, who just endured 27 grueling hours of labour pushing out the Prince Cub, and effectively turning my good amigo into a Papa Bear. Good work you guys, and can’t wait to meet Prince Charles.

Here’s to all the LADIES! in our lives:

When you’re with me I’m smiling,



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