A friend and colleague who is a PhD psychologist and astrologist sent me a 25 page profile of my personality based on the exact minute of my birth.

Your Ascendant is in Opposition of your Uranus (that’s what she said):

You are an original personality and you delight in your uniqueness and individuality. The right to be able to do as you please is central to your being, however you may not be able to exercise this without flustering and confusing others. You are a non-conformist and, in all likelihood, ahead of your time. To some people, you are an exciting person to be around, to others you are just too different for them to understand. Take care not to come across as too eccentric or weird, because you may isolate yourself socially. You are intrinsically restless and will have many changes of environment throughout the course of your life.

Life’s not worth a damn ’til you can say,


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