What is CRAP?

CRAP are songs from the past, present or future(?) that you love to hate, or hate to love.  Or a song that is just all out CRAP. Like a ponderous yet smooth one-wipe smash first thing in the morning, CRAP is meant to put a smile on your face and give you the extra buoyancy needed to take on yet another workday.

Who & What is CRAP-MAN?

CRAP-MAN is maestro of the daily deuce and reigns supreme in the Land of CRAP (aka Germany)

CRAP Disclaimer:
“Millions of listeners buy this CRAP, and so should you. This is not an offer (or solicitation of an offer) to buy or sell the songs mentioned or denoted as CRAP. CRAP-MAN may deal as principal adjudicator or judge or act as CB humor advocate for songs mentioned or may advise the listeners of said CRAP. This is not research and is not from CB CRAP Research Central but it may refer to a research analyst or research report on what is considerably lacking of good taste from our CB quality assurance laboratory. Unless indicated, these views are the author’s and may differ from those of official research conducted elsewhere. We do not represent this as accurate or complete but rather as a hunch. Past songs are not indicative of future amusement. For additional information, research reports and important disclosures, contact me and I will refer you to indications of hilarity and/or give you my personal opinion of said request. We cannot guarantee that any such requests received via e-mail will be processed in a timely manner because CRAP-MAN is lazy. This communication is solely for CB website users and may contain controversial information.”

One response to “About CRAP-MAN

  1. Bj

    Mmmmmmm sooooo craaaaapppppyyyyyy

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