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The Backlit Afro

Backlit Fro

What ever happen to the days of the backlit afro? When it was cool to surround yourself in a luminescent halo of perm? Kinda akin to the baby Jesus.

De Blasio recently rode his son’s afro into the NYC Mayor’s Office, but I have yet to see a backlit-afro-fade-in used to its full crowd-illating magnificence. Opportunity lost, if you ask me.

Well, we can’t say the same about Lionel “The Lion” Richie. He obviously knew how to use this effect to its utmost potential.

This beautiful practice has gone the way of the Bouffant; crushed and repressed by the rise of  Jheri Curl, which effectively trended the afro-toting community into letting their Soul Glow.

This CRAP goes out to Marco Stevie Come Inside. If lovin’ the Lord is wrong, he don’t wanna be right!

So fine, don’t you agree,


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What’s your Passion


I find the symbolic fertility of vibrantly colored eggs and sexually prolific bunnies made of chocolate a much more palatable way to ring in the spring equinox. Here people still maintain the tradition dancing around a Maypole. Mayday’s got his Maypole at the ready for any buxom readers (Savanna) who would like to revel in the spirit of spring.

Take up your Cross and, no matter what your faith, be sure to make this Good Friday a great one.

What’s your sign,


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Hankering for some Jews

Human depravity reaches an all new low. How should one address a giant pink Islamic rabbit that wants to eat Jews?

And the beat goes on…

Is it wrong to find hatred ridiculously amusing?

I got a better idea: how ’bout we eat the music!

Like a banana,


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Jesus and CRAP

As she says, “It had to be a young person”, because no pretentious, mid-western, bible thumping adult would have such a great sense of humor:

Hey Jean, I wouldn’t under estimate the frivolity of drunk adults either. Or maybe it was a miracle…maybe JC up and went for a stroll. Then, while he was out on his miracle cruise, he stepped in one of those wiener-poopy-pies. Seeing that he was wearing sandals and all, he was understandably pissed. And you don’t wanna go pissing off the son of god. You’re lucky Jesus didn’t call up a coupla hard pipe-hittin’ niggas like famine and plague to drop some knowledge on yo ass. He decided just to drop you a note to let you know he was none too pleased about your filthiness. Shieeet, you got off easy.

Oh, and by the way there, Jean: everyone knows that Jesus talks in a “graspy” voice and when he writes his name it illuminates rays of light. GOD!!

Here’s some CRAP for you and your wiener dogs. I ain’t cleaning up after myself either.

One toke over the line (and going to hell),


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