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Love with a side of Legumes

Today’s CRAP goes out to all the women in our lives. Last night,we were out with friends, and my wife leaned over to whisper a question in my ear: Was she pronouncing “legumes” properly…and she was. “Leguuumes”, she said. Such a magical word.  

Soon after, I was greeted with my second surprise of the evening:  If I washed my hands and brushed my teeth after I got home, it would be socks-only…and it was.

I’m always so easily amused.

In other news, this also goes out to Blair Bear’s wife Zins who just endured 27 grueling hours of labour, pushing out the Prince Cub, and effectively turning my friend into a Papa Bear. Good work you guys, and can’t wait to meet the new Prince.

Here’s to you and yours:

When you’re with me I’m smiling,



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