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The Benefits of Confusing Techno

I like it when people can take CRAP to the next level by playing it on an accordion.

I thought this CRAP was the song in the opening of the movie “Blade”, starring the now federally incarcerated Wesley Snipes. First on the scene is Tracey Lords, who, BTW,  starred in one of my all time favs, “Ladies in Lace”…so much talent…so much… BUT I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, she leads an unsuspecting, and unworthy, male suitor into a secretive techno-rave club, with some very aggressive touchy-feely dancing going down. Our victim then starts getting the feeling that something is not quite right. “Why is Tracey Lords interested in me?” “Is it my baller hat?” “Maybe my winning smile…I do brush three times a day.” Then a blood sprinkler system goes off and SURPRISE, it wasn’t the hat. However, just as he was wrong about Tracey’s feigned interest in his headgear, I was wrong about the song. That CRAP song is aptly and INGENIOUSLY called “Blood Bath”.

HOWEVER! there is a benefit to CRAP-MAN’s confusion.  It got me thinking of this gem from Opie & Anthony, featuring the late, great Patrice O’neal:

“I’da waited till the statute of limitations was up…”


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